Since established on 1992, Belungkor Services Sdn. Bhd. is one of the Top Malaysia Marine Supplier and the main ship-to-ship (STS) bunkering Fresh Water, Marine Gas Oil, Lubricant Oil, and Agency Forwarding within Eastern Outer Port Limit, Johor anchorage. With more than 31 years of experiences, we have successfully completed over 30,000 ship-to-ship (STS) transfer operations safely.

In Pengerang in the state of Johor, BSSB is regarded as the market leader in supplying industrial treated water to the awaiting commercial vessel at the Inner Port of Eastern Johor such as Pasir Gudang Port, Port Sedili, Desaru and the Ramunia Shoul as well as the Eastern Outer Port Limit (East -OPL) of Malaysia.

BELUNGKOR SERVICES SDN. BHD. believe that strategic location is fundamental in providing efficient service to its clientele. Both BSSB business office and the private jetty in Penebok, Pengerang (01° 24.560 North, 104° 07.253 East) is close by and situated at the prestigious Pengerang's landmark i.e. the Petronas Rapid Project, and just 5 minutes away from Gate 4, Gate 2 and Gate 3. In addition, BSSB is just 30 minutes away by water from the Singapore Changi Ferry Terminal.

BELUNGKOR SERVICES SDN. BHD. is the owner and the operator of its water treatment plant, shipyard, private jetty and are equipped with more than 8 operative vessels. In addition BSSB has its own onsite laboratory facility to conduct water quality test at site. Water sample is also send to a private laboratory in Johor Bahru.

BELUNGKOR SERVICES SDN. BHD. support service team are consisted of more than 100 experience crew member, shipyard team and office management team. BSSB have the capacity and ability to provide its services to its clients at a moment notice.

Producing own high-quality freshwater

We are processing and producing our own high-quality freshwater with the approval from Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) from our own processing plant and export the product through our own private jetty by our own water barges without any other agent or broker.

With the short distance and strategic location of our water processing plant and our private jetty, that give us advantages in supplying fresh water to the needy ships anchored at a nearby location.

Easier to supply fresh water

By using a high-pressure pump, which is capable to pump about 100 tonnes per hour and can be improved up to 200 tonnes per hour gives us a faster and easier way to supply freshwater within 24 hours noticed.

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Belungkor Services Sdn Bhd

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